International Dhamma Tour Project


International Dhamma Tour Project

International Buddhist Propagation Center of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Khon Kaen Campus (IBPC.MCUKK) managed international Dhamma Tour Project within Buddhist Lent for three months. It is the project in order to give the sermon and lead lay people to practice meditation. In this project, the international Buddhist monks such as from Cambodia, Bangladesh, Lao and Thailand will give sermon and share their own experiences about topic of Buddhism. It is the project taken place in the Buddhist Lent for the temples nearby in Khon Kaen province. The international Buddhist monks will give the sermon to Thai lay people during they come to practice meditation in the temple on Buddhist Observing Day.

On September 17, 2018, the Buddhist Observing Day Ven. Ratanak Keo, the leader of project, with international Buddhist monks gave the sermon and lead meditation practice to lay people at Wat Pa Adulyaram, Nui Meaung sub-district, Meaung district, Khon Khaen province. All lay people did the meritorious activities such as giving food, preserve morality, listening to Dhamma and practice meditation for resulting good merit and happiness in present and future life.

All participants are very interested in the project and know more how to practice Buddhism in right way to get real happiness.  

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