Large Candle and Rain Cloths Ceremony at Loei


Large Candle and Rain Cloths Ceremony at Loei

On 1st  September 2018 within the day of Rain retreat (Vassa or Pansa), Ven. Dr. Phrakhrubhavanabodhikun, Ecclesiastical Sub-District Head of Nuimeaung and  Ven. Phramaharangsan and IBPC’s member lead Buddhist people from Khon Kaen province went to celebrate the large candle and rain cloths ceremony as well as other things in order to offer to the 27 monks from 27 temples around Na Haeo District, Loei Province, northeastern Thailand. This ceremony was hold at Wat Si Pho Chai with invitation the from other 27 temple to receive the large candle and rain cloths and other things from lay people. There are more than 300 Buddhist people participated this ceremony. After the ceremony they went to visit the Buddhist important places such as Wat Poe Chai, and  Wat Si Pho Chai are than 400 year-old at Loei Province. They are the important and oldest temples in Loei Province.

The candle and rain cloth offering is an ancient tradition which observed for a long time ago. The candle is used for lighting in Rain Retreat and the rain cloth is for the monk who use for taking bath in rainy season. Until nowadays Buddhist people follow this tradition for making their merit and wholesome.

At the season of Rain retreat all Buddhist monks must be in their Vassa or Pansa for three months inside own temple for practice Buddhist meritorious activities such as recitation, chanting and meditation. For lay people always offer the four necessary things (cloth, food, residence and medicine) for the monks in order to make merits for their ancestors and own selves.

This ceremony of celebrating  the large candle and rain cloths  is not only for merit but it is for supporting the monks in Buddhist Retreat and Buddhism as well.   

วันที่ ๑ สิงหาคม ๒๕๖๑ คณะศรัทธาญาติโยม จากขอนแก่น มีพระเดชคุณพระครูภาวนาโพธิคุณ พระอาจารย์พระมหารังสรรค์ เป็นพระประธาน ได้พาญาติโยมไปถวายเทียนพรรษา ผ้าอาบ น้ำฝน และบัจจัย ไทยทานแด่พระสงฆ์ ๒๗ วัด ถวายร่วม ณ วัด ศรีโพธิ์ชัย อ. นาแห้ว จ. เลย

ពិធីបុណ្យដង្ហែទៀន សម្ពត់ស្រង់ទឹកភ្លៀង និងបច្ច័យទេយ្យទាន ប្រគេនព្រសង្ឃចំនួន ២៧ វត្ត ប្រារព្ធនៅវត្តស្រីពោធិជ័យ ស្រុកណាហេវ ខេត្តលេីយ ប្រទសថៃ នៅថ្ងៃទី ១ សីហា ឆ្នាំ ២០១៨ ដែមានព្រះតេជគុណ ព្រះភាវនាពោធិគុណជាប្រធាននិងព្រះគុណព្រះមហារង្ស័ន ព្រមទាំងមានពុុទ្ធបរិស័ទជាង ៣០០ អង្គ នាក់ បានចូលរួមក្នុងកម្មវិធីបុណ្យនេះ

Wat Si Pho Chai  วัด ศรีโพธิ์ชัย 

IMG_20180901_124432 IMG_20180901_134741 IMG_20180901_134413 IMG_20180901_132342

Wat Po Chai โพธิ์ชัย




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