Moral Education Project, At Sotsuksa Khon Kaen School for the Deaf


Moral Education Project,

At Sotsuksa  Khon Kaen School for the Deaf 

On August 26, the monks from Wat Nanthikaram, the International Buddhist Propagation Center of  Mahachulalongkornrajavi dyalaya University, Khon Kaen Campus  (IBPC.MCUKK), Nai Mueang sub-district, Mueang Khon Kaen district, Khon Kaen province went to give the sermon and educate the students to understand how to live with present life at Sotsuksa  Khon Kaen School for the Deaf. All students are the deaf and they cannot speak and listen so the preachers need the translator to translate into the body language for them. Although regular people who have full perfection of physical structure sometime they are still difficult to understand the religious language and how to practice and learn Buddhism . So those students are so difficult to find out to understand the teaching of Buddha because they can not speak and hear the sermon like the regular person. But the monks try to explain with translator and lead them to Buddhist practice by using the sign language. At that time the students joint paying homes to Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha as well as preserve the five precepts. The students, there, love to join the that kind of activities because make them understand about their own life and make merit for themselves. 

This kind of meritorious activities not only help them to understand and receive their physical state but it also help them to change the bad result of unwholesome in next life as well.  


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