International Dhamma Tour Project


International Dhamma Tour Project

International Dhamma Tour Project is the project of giving the sermon to lay people on the topic of Buddhism with invitation international monks such as from Cambodia, Bangladesh, Lao and Thailand. This project is taken place in the Buddhist Lent for the temples nearby. The international monks will give the sermon to Thai lay people during they come to practice meditation in the temple on Buddhist Observing Day. They give the Dhamma talk and share about own Buddhist tradition and practice at their own country to them.

This was the first time for them in participating of the projects to preach Dhamm at Wat Saybeongsamran temple, Nounthong sub-district, and Wat Bansamran Samran sub-district, Meaung district Khon Khaen province, Thailand. All participants are very interested in the project and start to know about Buddhism in the Buddhist neighboring countries.

The monks who join this project:

  1. Ven. Ratanak Keo)  officer of IBPC.MCUKK      Leader
  2. Ven. Vuthy Pon       Cambodia           Preacher
  3. Ven. Rubel Baurua      Bangladesh             Preacher
  4. Novice Aliya Chanthavong     Laos             Preacher
  5. Ven. Rath Ren               Cambodia             Preacher
  6. Mr. Viraj Thongpho          Thailand        assistant
Wat Saybeongsamran temple, Nounthong sub-district

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Wat Bansamran Samran sub-district


IMG_5272 IMG_5278 IMG_5277 IMG_5280  

Ven. Rath Ren               Cambodia             Preacher

Ven. Rubel Baurua      Bangladesh             Preacher



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